Unreal Engine Project - Island RPG

This was a game I created using the Unreal Engine.
It is a game where the player is exploring an island looking for treasure.
There are NPCs that can be found, some of them will give quests to you.
There are enemies that inhabit the island and will attack the player.






Background (ambient) Sounds

These background sounds can be heard ocasionally when in the game.
There are three types of sounds: birds, insects and wind.
The background sounds used are from the following site: https://mixkit.co/free-sound-effects/nature/

  • Summer night in the forest
  • Light wind
  • Quiet forest ambience

  • Footstep Sounds

    The player has footstep sounds based on the surface that they are running on.
    Footstep sounds used in the game:

  • SilentStrikeZ - Footsteps_Grass_1
  • Lukeo135 - Sand Step
  • RonaldVanWonderen - Heavy_footstep
  • RonaldVanWonderen - Heavy_wood_footstep 2
  • julius_galla - steps on loose stones - actions
  • DDT197 - Gravel walking