I am a creator who likes designing and creating games. My name is Samuel Martin and I want to work for a game company designing and building amazing games.
I have completed a BIT in 2020 and am finishing studying design at Otago Polytechnic.
From 2018 I was enrolled in a Bachelor of Information Technology, where I studied C#, C++, Python, JavaScript and user experience. I graduated in 2020 and immediately enrolled in a Graduate Diploma in Communication Design at Otago Polytechnic.

As part of my final year at Otago Polytechnic I designed a 3D exploration game using Unreal Engine. Drawing on my advanced coding skills, I developed the gameplay using Blueprints, and for the visual assets I developed a library of 3D models, textures and environmental objects using 3ds Max. My final project included planning and documentation and was presented to a panel of expert game developers and designers from the local game design industry here in Dunedin.

Now that I have graduated with a graduate diploma in Communication Design, I am ready to embark on my next adventure – is it with you?
My future ambition is to work for a game company contributing to making excellent games.

My experience in creating games includes:

  • Landscape and environmental creation.
  • Creating 3D models and assets in 3ds Max and Maya.
  • Texturing 3D models in Substance Painter.
  • Programming in C#, Unreal Blueprints, C++.
  • Using a Heightmap to create a landscape.

  • I really enjoy creating environments that a player can explore, where finding secret areas hidden on a separate path is an important aspect of the gameplay. I am inspired by games such as:

  • Legend of Zelda series
  • Terraria
  • Pikmin
  • Dragon Quest
  • Salt

  • The most recent game I have created is a 3D exploration Role Playing Game. In this game the character arrives by ship, disembarking onto a wharf on this tropical island. The player explores the island, finding items and treasure along the way. Non-Player Characters give the player quests that they can complete. The quests involve finding certain resources to repair a broken ladder and fight enemies that get in the way of the objective.

    Contact Information:
    Email: 0.samuel.martin.1@gmail.com